Quakey. Dot com. This is what happens when you register a domain during the dot com bubble of the late 1990s and early 2000s. It doesn't make any sense now to have a dot com for personal use, I should have used a dot net, but it's too late now. So if you've seen quakey.com on an email address or web address and were curious what it was about, you are probably either interested in myself (Aspen) or my parents (Ray and Cathy). (Or someone has been sending spam attributed to us, in which case I'm sorry but I don't know any way to prevent it.) For my parents, see links below.

--- quaking_aspens / Richter Walnut ---
(on eBay)

--- www.FamilyGrade.com ---
(special selection)

--- Ray Richter Walnut ---
(blanks at reasonable prices)

--- www.ExhibitionGrade.com ---
(fine wood gallery)